We sell most brands of Snare, Tenor and Bass Drums including:

  • Premier Drums – HTS-800 Snare Drum, HTS-400 Snare Drum, Traditional Series Tenor Drums and Bass Drums
  • Premier Hosbilt Drums – Alto, Tenor and Bass Drums
  • Andante Drums – NG Reactor Snare Drum, Tenor Drums and Bass Drums
  • Custom Drums – small drum conversion for most high tension snare drums
  • We complete detailed and extensive set up work on every drum we sell.  Every drum is shipped tuned and ready to play. Free workshops are provided when drums are picked up on location.


  • We recommend XL’s molded plastic cases for all our models of drums.  We carry cases in various sizes to perfectly accommodate each model of drum we sell.
  • We also have Humes and Berg’s tuxedo bags available for all drums.


  • For snare drummers we carry Kilpatrick, T&G Brown, and Pearl drum carriers.
  • For bass drummers we carry Kilpatrick, Brow Fry and T&G Brown carriers.


  • Numerous styles and brands


  • For snare drums, we carry Andante Core-tec Elite, Cybermax and Evans top heads.  For the bottom head, we supply Remo Ambassador and Aquarian heads.
  • For tenor drums and bass drums, we carry Remo and Aquarian drum heads in various models of heads.


  • For snare drummers we carry Stronach DS1, Jim Kilpatrick (KP1, KP2 and KP3) and T&G Brown drumsticks.  We also carry many other less popular brands of snare drum sticks.
  • For tenor drummers we carry the full line of Tyler Fry tenor sticks (Classic Short, Classic Long, Platinum and Practice) in both white and black heads as well as colours. Also Premier 9114 and 9115 and Kin-Stix
  • For bass drummers we carry M&G Original and M&G Attack (white, black, red and blue).


  • For the snare drummer, we carry Alex Duthart Book 1 and Book 2, Doug Stronach’s Tutor Book 1, Doug Stronach and Hugh Cameron’s Massed Band Scores for the Pipe Band Drummer, Graham Brown’s A Tap and a Roll Book of Scores, T & G Brown’s Forte and the 4 RSPBA Instructional Manuals.
  • For tenor drummers we carry 2 DVDs – Tyler Fry’s instructional DVD and the Band Rooms Learn Pipe Band Drumming.


  • We stock devices to assist with tuning and timing (drum dial, electronic tuners, KP tuning block and rhythm watch metronome).
  • For maces, we stock Premier’s Mace with Chains in both the 54” and 60” lengths.


  • We have a large selection of parts for the Premier HTS-700 and HTS-200 Snare Drums as well as Premier and Premier Pro series of tenor and bass drums.


  • We occasionally take in trades and will sell refurbished and tuned used drums.  Email or call for current stock.