Cameron Regular and Cadet Practice Pads

  • HOW TO TELL THE DIFFERENCE: The Regular pad is grey in colour which easily defines it against the Cadet pad which is black. However, in previous years the Cameron Regular has also been black in colour making it sometimes more difficult to know which is which. The only sure way to know is to look at the the back of each pad where there will be a label with a red stamp that defines whether it is a Cameron Regular, Cadet (Medium) or Hard (the hard version is no longer manufactured but we do still have some stock left.)

CAMERON REGULAR: The Cameron Regular is a rubber pad, designed for every day use. It has lots of bounce and is excellent for developing finger control as well as improving the quality of your buzz roll. It is best for beginners as well as seasoned pros. Some of the top drummers in the world play a Cameron Regular Practice Pad.

CAMERON CADET: The Cameron Cadet Practice Pad has always been black in colour. It is a much harder surface than the Cameron Regular and as a result is less effective for developing finger control, and more effective for developing wrist control and power. Most players own a variety of pads that can help develop different aspects of their playing.

Please note: small blemishes, pin holes and nicks on the surface of the rubber are sometimes an inevitable part of the pad manufacturing process.  They are cosmetic only and do not affect the playability of the pad.