Bass Drum Head Art Specifications

It’s important to provide us with artwork that includes the following points:

  • The artwork supplied should be in the shape of a drum head (round) and not square, rectangle or any other shape. This makes it clear to the printer when he cuts the decal to the specific size of your drum head what the final decal should look like. See the image below for an example of how the artwork should be laid out. Note that the black outline is the cutout mark and not intended to be included with the final image.
  • If supplying a jpg or tiff file, the artwork should be a minimum 300dpi resolution and as large as possible (as close to the size of your drum head as possible (usually 26″ or 28″). Vector files exported from a vector drawing program into PDFs are the best format to use. They will expand to any size for printing without any degradation in quality.
  • The colour scheme for your artwork should be CMYK and not RGB or any other colour format.
  • Dark images are difficult to print and mess with the tuning of the drum on sunny days.  Lighter images print better and are more resilient to changes in temperature, keeping your drum in tune for longer.
  • You can check any image you have by expanding the image on screen to the approximate size of a 28″ drum head and checking the quality of it.

Bass head art example